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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine aluminum magazine rack in beige color
SANYON marine aluminum magazine rack in beige color
SANYON marine aluminum magazine rack in beige color
SANYON marine aluminum magazine rack in beige color
SANYON marine aluminum magazine rack in beige color
SANYON Aluminum Marine Furniture For Magazine Rack with Wooden Top In Cruise-SYBS-003
  • This one metal magazine rack was used for cruise ship or marine boat.It is a form of storage rack to holding book or magazine.The desinge was very simple and easy to cleaning or maintaining.
  • The material for the magazine rack is composed of aluminium.And surface was in powder coating to make the rack more sturdy and anti-scratch.
  • Magazine racks may be produced from a range of materials,including steel or aluminium,and come in a variety of sizes and designs.In the boat,magazines can be kept on magazine racks.
  • The rack top is made of wooden with rounded edges,while the body can be made of steel or aluminium.According to client projects requirements,the shelves will have several gaps.

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SANYON Aluminum Magazine Rack

SANYON marine aluminum magazine rack in beige color
SANYON marine aluminum magazine rack in beige color


  • Using our magazine rack, you can always read your magazines closely at hand. Magazine racks are necessary for the captain’s cabin on a yacht. They offer a location to organize books, periodicals, and other materials.
  • In addition,they should be placed neatly away and easily accessible.This rack’s versatility allows it to be used for more than just storing magazines;instead,it may hold a variety of goods.
  • Due to the extraordinary durability of our rack, it frequently provides a lifetime of trouble-free use. Due to its inherent characteristics, the rack is almost impervious to rotting and resists bending, twisting, or splintering over time.
  • Furthermore, steel racks are inherently resistant to water and unintentional damage. The result is that it requires less frequent maintenance and has a longer expected usable life. 
  • This metal rack is delivered with an unoiled finish,which has a more organic appearance and is invariably more durable.We have a sizable selection of racks for you to keep your things in a water-resistant style that saves space on top.
  • We give you the greatest accessories for your ship,including our magazine rack. People still love magazine racks for a wide range of reasons. 
  • We provide a fantastic solution to arrange and store magazines that is simple to use and look beautiful in boats.Furthermore,magazine racks are readily available and reasonably priced.



Marine magazine rack








1.5MM,or can be customized


Powder coating


SANYON marine aluminum magazine rack in beige color

Material for marine book case

The material for SYBS-003 marine magazine rack is aluminum.Which is light weight and more anti-rust than steel.

Aluminum is a popular material for marine applications due to its superior corrosion resistance and lightweight properties.Aluminum is also highly versatile and can be easily formed into complicated shapes.Aluminum’s corrosion resistance and lightweight properties make it ideal for using in marine soulutions and for applications that require portability,such as a magazine rack.Additionally, aluminum is cost-effective and easy to work with,making it an optimal choice for manufacturers.

SANYON marine aluminum writing table for ship cabin working furniture

The SANYON company is a leading manufacturer of marine furnitures.Our factory specialize in producing high quality furnitures at an affordable price.We have a full supply chains of furnitures factories around China,and has experience manufacturing various types of marine furnitures.Quality control is a priority for the SANYON company,and our furniture is typically durable and affordable.We offer a wide range of products,from beds to wardrobes,tables and other items.The company also offers fast delivery and a huge selection of furniture to choose from at a competitive price, helping customers do better than their competitors.

metal marine furntiure punching machine
metal marine furniture laser cuting

SANYON has a wealth of expertise in maritime furnishings. We can provide you with a skilled furniture service. The leading producer of marine writing desks is Sanyon. Our products are fashionable and functional, making them ideal for usage in any nautical setting. Our team of specialists is available to assist you in selecting the ideal workstation for your requirements. Company is in the industry of producing high-quality and low-cost marine furniture so that our clients may outperform their rivals. We can offer various marine furniture goods for a wide range of nations. Please feel free to get in touch with us for additional information.

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