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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

marine honeycomb boat table and desk with IMO material test report
marine honeycomb boat table and desk with IMO material test report
SANYON marine aluminum honeycomb office writing desk with drawers
SANYON marine aluminum honeycomb office writing desk with drawers
boat table
SANYON Marine Aluminum Honeycomb Office Writing Desk for Cruise Ship Cabin in Plywood and Laminate-H750mm Height-SYT-005
  • It suitable for marine office cabin room,a kind of aluminum honeycomb intended for usage in moisture or humid environment.It is usually used in boats or other watercraft buildings since it is constructed using waterproof and fireproof adhesive.
  • A fundamental requirement for marinefurniture is aluminum honeycomb, and our laminate material meets these requirements by passing the BS standard.
  • It may be used for outdoor furniture, and other applications where moisture resistance is crucial since it is quite strong has a great appearance and is simple to assemble.
  • The thickness typically between 18mm and 25mm of table top.The over construction look stronger and easy to cleaning and maintaining in daily life.
  • Standard size was W1200*D600*H750mm,if you need other size request,we can make it as well.

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Marine Aluminum Honeycomb Office Writing Desk with Double Drawers

SANYON marine aluminum honeycomb office writing desk with drawers
SANYON marine aluminum honeycomb office writing desk with drawers
  • Aluminum honeycomb is a fantastic choicefor marine furniture,if you want a light for ship.Which make dependable desk that will endure for years. It won’t distort or swell with time since it is both water- and fire-resistant.
  • Aluminum honeycomb is ideal for a writing desk that will frequently use since it is also highly sturdy and solid.

  • The finest material for your writing desk is marine aluminum honeycomb because of its resistance to moisture, stability, and longevity. Thin layers of wood are combine with a water-resistant adhesive to create marine plywood.

  • The finest desk ever is this one. It is compose of aluminum honeycomb office desk, which is more rigid and more resilient than conventional plywood and can, therefore, unquestionably survive any wear and strain.

Features for SYT-005 marine office writing desk:

  • Good quality aluminum honeycomb for the office desk.It has 25mm and 18mm thickness,we can make it according any request.
  • It with laminate surface finish,and using Formica brand,which has IMO certificate for marine furniture.
  • We created a fastening angle at the furniture’s base to secure the writing desk to the deck floor.
  • These lockable drawers are a perfect option whether you want to safeguard your valuables or keep your belongings tidy.
  • Two tiny,lockable drawers are available for storing certain personal items.They can also turn off the locks if necessary.
  • This desk width dimension is 600mm,if you need other big size,it aslo can be customized.
  • This dimension W1200*D600*H750mm is the exact size of this writing desk.
boat table

Materil for this office  writing desk

Aluminum honeycomb and HPL surface

It is 18 and 25mm thickness aluminum honeycomb as base and HPL surface finish,normally this HPL use Formica brand.

As for the color,any colo can choice from Formica color sample.

Aluminum honeycomb panel is a kind of sandwich panel consisting of two aluminum plates as face panels and hexagonal aluminum honeycomb cell as core materials, bonded together by aviation-purpose adhesive film(PUR hot melting film). Thanks to its superb characteristic of light weight, good strength, hyper flatness, sound and heat proof, aluminum honeycomb panel is very popular for marine use:marine furniture,ceiling,floor,wall panel etc.

Wooden marine furniture solid banding finish

Solid wood banding

Edge banding finish usu same color solid wood.

Using solid wood edge banding for marine furniture is important for several reasons. Firstly, solid wood makes more resistant to water and other elements than veneer or plywood, so using it as an edge banding material helps protect the furniture against moisture and other damage. Also, solid wood edge banding adds a unique design element to the furniture, giving it extra style and character. Lastly, solid wood edge banding provides a more secure connection between the edges of the furniture and its panels, ensuring that the furniture is long-lasting and can stand up to the knocks and bumps of everyday use.


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The SANYON marine furniture company is a leading manufacturer of marine furnitures.Our factory is specialize in producing high quality furnitures at an affordable price.We have much experience manufacturing various types of marine furniture.Quality control is a priority for the SANYON company and our furniture is typically durable and affordable.We offer a wide range of products,from beds to wardrobes,tables and other items.The company also offers fast delivery and a huge selection of furniture to choose from at a competitive price,helping customers do better than their competitors.

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SANYON has a wealth of expertise in maritime furnishings. We can provide you with a skilled furniture service. The leading producer of marine writing desks is Sanyon. Our products are fashionable and functional, making them ideal for usage in any nautical setting. Our team of specialists is available to assist you in selecting the ideal workstation for your requirements. Company is in the industry of producing high-quality and low-cost marine furniture so that our clients may outperform their rivals. We can offer various marine furniture goods for a wide range of nations. Please feel free to get in touch with us for additional information.

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