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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Aluminum Cabin book case SYBC-001 Marine using
Aluminum Cabin book case SYBC-001 Marine using
Aluminum Cabin book case SYBC-001 Marine using
Aluminum Cabin book case SYBC-001 Marine using
Aluminum Cabin book case SYBC-001 Marine using
  • The newest method of book storage is the aluminium cabin bookcase. These cabinets are the ideal method to keep your books secure and organized because of their stylish style and strength.
  • These cabinets, which are constructed of high-quality aluminium and will keep your books looking fabulous for years to come, are long-lasting and built to last.
  • This bookcase is guaranteed to draw attention in any room with its sleek lines and stylish design. Two shelves on the bookshelf allow you to arrange the books on them in any way you see appropriate.
  • Custom-made boat, warship, and marine furniture, including that made of aluminium and steel, is produced by SANYON.

More Information

  • A bookcase called “Aluminum Cabin” is made for nautical settings. Aluminium was used to create the casing, and it has a water- and corrosion-resistant construction.
  • These weatherproof cases are ideal for keeping books, maps, and other goods that you need to stay dry because they are made to endure the elements.
  • The Aluminum Cabin Book Case is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a way to safeguard your books. Due to its sturdy construction and extended lifespan, this bookcase is built of aluminium. A touch of sophistication will also be added to any space in your place, and it looks fantastic.
  • This bookcase is intended for use in ship cabin rooms; it may be mounted on the wall or the headboard of a bed. It has one metal stop bar and two book dividers.
  • The bookcase’s construction material has two options: steel or aluminium.
  • We may adjust the size based on client demands. You may select from a variety of materials, colours, sizes, and patterns when ordering our marine furniture because it is made to order.
  • Making your own bookcase is a beautiful way to give your home a unique touch. Your bookcase may be customized with additional elements.
  • In addition to being functional, a well-designed bookcase is a chic way to display your own taste and fashion sense. Although numerous readymade bookcases are available in various colours, sizes, and styles, there are occasions when going the custom way is preferable.
  • For additional information, please get in touch with us.

Manufacturer SANYON makes Aluminum Cabin Book Cases, which are essential for every marine environment. Books, periodicals, and other things may all be stored in them with ease. The high-quality aluminium used in the case’s construction ensures its durability and longevity. Additionally, cleaning and upkeep are simple. The casing has a streamlined appearance and a lovely polish. We have extensive expertise in creating marine furniture. Depending on the customer’s needs, we may modify the marine furniture. Please get in touch with us since we have great customer relationships. Must check out our website to discover other fantastic products.



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