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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SYB-003 marine bunk bed
SANYON marine metal bunk bed with double drawers
SANYON marine metal bunk bed with drawers
SYB-003 marine bunk bed-03
SANYON Marine Aluminum Bunk Bed-2080mm Width-Double Drawers-SYB-003
  • For a ship, speed is most crucial, and it will also require extra room for armaments. The most excellent ideal for ship furniture is aluminium furniture. The material is high-grade aluminium that is anti-rust.
  • Picking from 0.7 to 2.5 mm in thickness, typically 1.0 mm.
  • Apply a high-quality powder coating on the surface. For the dimensions, usually use W2080*D880*H1650mm, or customer customization.
  • There are two drawers with a key lock.
  • So aluminium alloy marine furniture is an excellent choice for a cruise ship or yacht if they need to be lightweight.Compared to other materials, aluminium is more lightweight.

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Marine Metal/Aluminum Bunk Bed

SANYON marine metal bunk bed with double drawers
SANYON marine metal bunk bed with double drawers

SYB-003 Bunk Bed specifications:

1.Size:W2080*D880*H1650mm,or according clients’s request from project;
2.Material:the aluminum bunk bed made by high quality aluminum;frame is aluminum,which is pecial for light weight design;high quality powder coating finish surface;
3.Color:Beige,or custom according your request;


  • There are two drawers which is for storing personal goods. In addition, a key lock is present that make the goods more secure.
  • For the cabin room, this type save more space. A portion of the bed’s headboard is fixed on the wall by a lateral bar for hooks.
  • Curtains should be able to hang from the sides and the bottom of the bed , where a curtain rail may be mounted easily.
  • It is simple to put together and take apart. Assembly only takes a few minutes .
  • It has also been completed with a high-quality powder coating, making it sturdy and gorgeous. Because of aluminium that we use, has a sturdy construction. The meterial of this metal is lightweight and rust-resistant.
  • For a wall ship, speed is crucial, and it will also require extra room for armaments. The most excellent option for way ship furniture is then aluminium furniture . The material is high-grade aluminium that is anti-rust .
  • The aluminum alloy has the following advantages : light weight, rust prevention, and sturdy structure.
  • It is good to use it for creating ship furnishings.
SANYON marine metal bunk bed with double drawers
  • Double Drawers in the Middle so that can avoid the desk or wardrobe at the end.
  • The bunk bed with a ladder that can be moved to the another side.
  • This aluminum bunnk bed can lighter than steel more than 50KG each bed.It is can save the cost of ship running.For the light weight,we also can making the marine bunk bed into aluminum honeycomb material. Aluminum furniture is alway use for vessel,ship,boat,yachat,offshore etc.
SANYON aluminum bunk bed-size

SYB-003 bunk bed Designs advantages:

  • There are double drawers for storage some personal things. At the same time it is with key lock.
  • This design saving many spaces for cabin room. Bed head have some lateral bar for hooks and fix part if the bed headboard against the wall.
  • At the bottom of the bed,it is can hang curtain rail easy,the curtain should be can hang at the two sides too.
  • Each layer of this bed are full assemble,then very easy to fix it.It is only need few minutes to assemble it.

Why warship will be need aluminum marine bed?

Speed is very important for a wall ship,and will be need more space for weapons.Then the aluminum furnitures are best choice for wayship furnitures.

The aluminum alloy have a strong structure,and light weight,anti rust.It is very good for making a furniture for warship.

Of course,if a cruise ship,or yacht need light weight,aluminum alloy marine furnitures also a good choose.

What’s furniture’s SANYON can offer it?

For more information about our furniture, get in touch with us. We provide a wide selection of furniture with personalized designs for our clients. As you are aware, all maritime field furnishings are made to order. You may send us designs or ideas, and we will also propose them to you. SANYON has its manufacturing and proposal divisions. We have a complete complement of furniture-making equipment, including laser-cutting, powder coating, and CNC cutting and folding. You can shop with confidence at SANYON for aluminium bunk beds. We offer products of outstanding quality at fair prices. We provide prompt delivery and first-rate customer service. The SANYON aluminum bunk bed is an asset to any workspace. The mattress has a sleek, contemporary design that fits well with any setting and is made of high-quality materials. 

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