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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

custom marine locker with imo/med for boat,ship,vessel,and warship
wooden lockers
8 doors HPL Locker with digital lock
  • The digital lock on this locker will keep your valuables secure because it is composed of high-quality materials.
  • It’s composed of high-pressure laminate, a long-lasting material, and features a digital lock, a safe way to keep your possessions secure.
  • It features a single door, a double door, and many doors in a Z configuration.
  • It features an electronic lock, but you may also use a key lock, padlock, cam lock, or another type of lock.
  • It is offered in a simple colour, wood grain, and other options.
  • The typical configuration is a lock, handle, hanging rod, and hinge.

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  • Given that it has a digital lock that can be set up with a unique code, this locker is ideal for individuals who want a little bit more protection for their valuables.

  • The eight doors HPL Locker with Digital Lock is a fantastic alternative for individuals searching for a dependable and safe storage option.

  • It is construct from high-quality phenolic compact laminate with stainless steel accents and has a matte or smooth surface finish.

  • Its thickness ranges from 8 to 16mm, or roughly 12mm.

  • Its standard dimensions are W800*D450*H2000mm. However, they may be alter to meet your needs.

  • Eight doors locker is the ideal approach to protect your possessions with an HPL locker with a digital lock. With this kind of locker, you can be confident that your belongings are well-protect against thieves and other criminals. Because it has a simple digital lock to open and close, this locker is also incredibly practical.

  • Lockers made of high-pressure laminate (HPL) are a fantastic alternative for storage since they are strong and provide a number of benefits over conventional lockers. The fact that HPL lockers have a digital lock is one of its best qualities.

  • They are easier to use, more dependable, and more secure. Additionally, they include a number of features that might simplify your life.

  • Another benefit is that you don’t need to carry a key around because you can enter your locker with a code.

  • You are no more concerne that someone may break into your locker and take your belongings.

  • Packaging consists of an assembled or KD carton box


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