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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON wooden locker for mail box
SANYON wooden locker for mail box
8 Door wooden mailbox cabinet
  • A wooden 8-door mailbox cabinet is ideal for staying organized and saving important papers.
  • You can quickly organize and name all your critical documents in one location, as there is enough room for each door.
  • Families that wish to keep their mail orderly and out of the way will also benefit significantly from this sort of cabinet.
  • You may organize your mail using the eight doors on this cabinet, each of which has a distinct section.
  • The wooden doors have a natural finish that looks fantastic in any space and are made of wood.

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  • 8 Door mailbox cabinet is a ideal method to keep organize with an 8-door mailbox cabinet. You can conveniently access your emails by keeping them in one location.

  • The cabinet is also ideal for keeping other things like keys and papers. Any company or household would benefit greatly from having this.

  • A fantastic way to arrange your mail is with the 8 Door Wooden Mailbox Cabinet. It features eight doors that open to expose eight compartments, each with enough for a different kind of mail.

  • It is ideal for classifying and saving invoices, letters, and other critical paperwork. The cabinet is compose of durable wood and is extremely simple to put together.

  • An elegant finishing touch for your home may be achieve with Frame MFC Coated Wood Grain Veneer. It is likely to draw attention in any environment with its lovely wood grain appearance.

  • It is approximately 18mm thick and has the following dimensions: W700*D500*H1800mm, per your requirement.

  • Packing: Disassemble and assemble the package using a carton box.

  • The fact that it is such a strong and long-lasting substance makes it a fantastic option to increase the value of your house.

  • Your home may have a stunning and distinctive appearance by adding this cabinet and a frame MFC-coated wood grain veneer. Natural wood was use to make this kind of veneer to give your house a more rustic feel.

  • It features a modern, sleek style that would look fantastic in your house and is durable. Your mail will be store in this cabinet, which will be keep secure and organize.


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Because of the superior quality of their offerings and dedication to client satisfaction, SANYON is the leading manufacturer of maritime furniture. We provide durable goods that are of the highest caliber. You may be confident that you’re receiving the most value for your money because of our dedication to client satisfaction. Our furnishings are renowned for their sturdiness, elegance, and comfort. Some of the most prominent yacht clubs and marinas in the world utilize the furniture made by our firm. Our maritime furniture is built to endure the punishing elements of the open sea. A few characteristics that set us apart from the competition are our experience, attention to quality, and focus on client happiness.

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