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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON side table for bed
2 Drawer Bedhead Table
  • Any bedroom will look great with this modern table, which is available in a range of finishes to suit any decor.
  • You may complete your bedroom with a bedhead table with two drawers. It offers a convenient spot to keep your bedtime necessities in addition to adding a sense of flair and class.
  • Your light, alarm clock, books, and other items you need close at hand will have plenty of room to be stored in the two drawers.
  • It may serve as a nightstand, bedside table, or even an end table. Additionally, it aids in maintaining a neat and organized bedroom.

More Information

  • An excellent addition to any house is a bedhead table with two drawers. They are a perfect option for any home since they provide a number of advantages.
  • The first benefit is that they offer extra storage for items like pillows and blankets.
  • They also assist in maintaining a clean and organized bedroom. They are also functional as an end table or a nightstand.
  • Bed linens, pillows, and other bedding supplies fit perfectly within. Additionally, it aids in maintaining a neat and organized bedroom.
  • The lamp, alarm clock, and other bedroom necessities are all perfect for placement on this table.
  • The ideal bedroom furniture is the bedhead table with two drawers. It offers the perfect location to put your bedtime accessories and is suitable for any bedroom.
  • With two drawers, you can keep your nightstand stuff neatly arranged and out of sight. Putting pictures or other decorations on the bedhead table is also a terrific idea.
  • A two-drawer bedhead table is necessary since it is both fashionable and practical. It allows you to keep your nightstand accessories organized while still looking excellent.
  • Additionally, it is the ideal method to give a sense of elegance to your bedroom.
  • Its legs are constructed of metal, while the cabinet is built of solid wood.
  • It may be customized to your specifications for size and color.
  • Packaging: typical carton box assembly; knock-down packaging is also available if necessary.
  • It may be applied in a number of settings, including the house, the apartment, and the hotel.

We are happy to introduce our product generation of 2 Drawer Bedhead Table at SANYON. We are sure to have the ideal table because we provide a variety of sizes and colors. SANYON may produce a variety of 2 Drawer Bedhead tables based on your demands. We offer sourcing services to our clients, assisting them in locating the furnishings they require in China as needed. We have a furniture supply chain in China and high-quality control for our clients. Any length is possible. You may rely on us repeatedly as well as sometimes. In the event that you have any new projects, kindly contact us.


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