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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

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12 Door Stainless Steel Worker Locker
  • Your business or group should use the 12-Door Stainless Steel Worker Locker. This locker has twelve distinct compartments that can hold various objects, making it the ideal option for many uses.
  • The Door Stainless Steel Worker Locker is ideal for safe storage in any office setting.
  • This locker is ideal for storing priceless tools, equipment, and supplies since it is made of sturdy material and has a tamper-proof design.
  • Anyone seeking a strong and dependable locker should check out the Door Stainless Steel Worker Locker.
  • It is durable and resistant to the elements. The locker also has a keyed locking mechanism, which makes it ideal for keeping valuables.

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  • The ideal storage solution for your office is a worker locker with a door is compose of stainless steel. With so many advantages, it’s understandable why these lockers are growing in popularity.
  • This locker is ideal for any workplace, whether an office or a factory. The door stainless steel worker locker will more than fulfill your demands thanks to its streamlined appearance and roomy inside.
  • It is construct of stainless steel 304 material and measure is W1800*D450*H1800mm. Different colors or styles may be create to order according to your size request.
  • There is a hanging lock or key lock on the first shelf of this locker. Box is made of cartons and knock-down packaging.
  • Many companies now give their staff lockers made of stainless steel so they may store their items there while they work. This is so that you can maintain the durability and cleanliness of your stainless-steel lockers.
  • They can aid in maintaining a tidy and hygienic working environment because they are robust and simple to clean. The locker looks fantastic in the office and is well-made.
  • In environments where there are strong chemicals or cleaning agents available, they might be significant because they are corrosion-resistant.
  • A flexible storage option for many enterprises, they may be employe in a number of locations and provide a high level of protection for the contents.
  • The locker is made of premium stainless steel and can be customized as needed by the customer.


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The SANYON firm is in the business of producing higher-quality and low-cost maritime furniture so that our clients may outperform their rivals. We can offer various maritime furniture goods for a wide range of nations. SANYON has a factory that makes metal and hardwood furniture and is skilled at controlling cost and quality. We also have a network for many types of maritime furniture that we need to make. When our customers need it, we may also provide a sourcing service. We view situations from our consumers’ perspectives. We put in a lot of effort to make doing business with us simple and natural at every turn.

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