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Marine Wooden Bed

  • SANYON marine furnitures have been established in 2007 years ago,the production and technology is mature.
  • We can customized according to your size,color and provide other marine set.
  • For the marine boat and ship ,if you need a solid construction bed, the honeycomb and steel material also is a good choice.

The marine wooden bed is used wooden panel manufacture bed frame,which meets marine furniture standard.Marine wooden panel is sturdy and durable,it is very suitable to making bed.This wooden panel can resistance to decay and pests.You can believe the marine wooden bed keep long time use.Normally marine wooden bed is constructed by plywood and laminate surface.Marine wooden bed is the most common for shipper’s choose for ship room.

Marine wooden bed is the best choice for your bed room.because the design for marine wooden bed is soft and modern,besides it has a unique appearance.That makes your room stand out.The marine wooden bed is also sturdy,and you can expect to using the bed for many years.

Types for marine wooden beds:

Applications of marine wooden bed

Wooden Marine Furniture

According marine bed type,it has several types for marine wooden bed.marine single bed,marine bunk bed and marine wooden triple bunk beds.

  1. The marine wooden bed can be used in stateroom or captain cabin room in ship.
  2. The marine wooden bed is a great choice for people who suffer from allergies,because it is made from natural and hypoallergenic materials.
  3. Just needs to a little creativity,a marine wooden bed can become a functional marine bed.
  4. Marine wood bed is perfect to add a touch of luxury to your vessel room.

Wooden material:

Plywood and HPL


Using 18 and 25mm thickness plywood as base and HPL surface finish,normally ths HPL use Formica brand.

As for the color,any colo can choose from Formica color sample.

plywood and laminate surface

PVC banding

2mm PVC banding is the same color as HPL

There are several advantages of PVC banding used to wooden marine furniture.On the one hand,PVC is durability,as it is incredibly resistant to impact and moisture.On the other hand,it is versatility,as it can be painted or lacquered to match the color and finish of the furniture.Additionally,PVC edge banding is easy to apply and has a long lifespan,making it popular for modular furniture.Overall,PVC edge banding can greatly improve the strength and appearance of wooden furniture.

SANYON marine wooden furniture in PVC edge banding

The production and technology of wooden factory:

marine furniture factory wooden cuting machine
  • The wood manufacturing process involves several,including head rig,edging,trimming, rough lumber sorting,stickering,drying,planing,and grading.
  • It is important role for moisture content technology in wooden drying.The electronic manufacturers produce different wooden moisture content measurement systems for wooden manufacturing operations.

  • Industries in the Wood Product Manufacturing subsector manufacture various wood products such as lumber,plywood,veneers,wood containers,and wood flooring.

  • Woodworking has a long history and has evolved with new technologies such as automation,robotics,and sustainable manufacturing.

  • The design become precise and detailed,because of modern technology.

The characteristics of wooden furnitures:

1.Wooden panel has many advantages make it is a popular material for furniture.Such as aesthetic beauty,robustness and durability.There are various of wooden can be in furniture,like solid wood,MFC,MDF,and plywood.Normally,marine furniture is used with plywood and laminate surface.Everyone has their own benefit and request of maintain.

2.Some popular types of wood for furniture include hardwood,solid wood glulam, hollow-core wood, veneered wood,and MDF.Hardwood is the most valuable and expensive wood type, while veneered wood,MDF,and melamine-faced wood are less expensive but also less resistant to heat,humidity,and scratches.

3.How to choose a wooden material to our furniture?We need to according to different factors,such as hardness,elasticity,flexibility,bending and shrinkage.

4.In addition,each wooden material has their own unique benefit for color,density,texture and surface.We can make decision according their features .Generally,hard wood is used to manufacture high quality wooden furniture.And plywood and laminate surface is used to marine furniture mostly.

◊Edge banding machine technology

wooden marine furniture machine banding

◊Six-sided drilling process

wooden marine furnitures holes machine

Choice mairne wooden bed advantage as following↓

  • Marine wooden bed is structured from marine plywood and laminate surface.The marine plywood is a high quality hardwood,that is made waterproof glue,which makes the bed resistant to warping and rotting when the bed on ship or vessel.
  • Marine plywood and laminated surface without chemicals,making it a safer option than pressure-treated plywood,which can leach chemicals into water.
  • Using marine plywood for a bed frame can reduce the need for resealing the structure,as it is less to warp or rot over time.
  • In a word,marine plywood is a good choice for marine bed and it is safe as well.That makes marine wooden bed can withstand the test of time.
  • Marine standard wooden is very durable,and it will last longer than other types of wooden if used for marine furniture on ship.
  • It is a perfect choice,because the simple and clean lines.And the durability and strong structure also marine wooden bed is a good choice on ship or vessel.
  • Marine wooden bed is manufactured by high-quality plywood as base and lamianet surface finish.It is available custom various of style and dimension.
  • The bed is a marine wooden sigle bed,it is 2080*880*560mm.There is double drawers for extra storage place.

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