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Pullman beds can be a great option for your cruise ship or ferry cabin room furnitures.This is a comprehensive and in-depth guide of these kind beds, aiming at answering all potential questions you may have to increase the efficiency and potential profits for your events!

  1.  What is a pullman beds?

  2. What Pullman berth can do for You?

  3. Where will you need one?

  4. what about Pullman beds price?

  5. How to install a Pullman bed?

  6. How to custom Your pullman beds

  7. Conclusions

What is a pullman bed?

Pullman bed is a foldable bed that is fixed to the wall or celling.It was created in the year 1858 for trains using.It is the most popular product that can be made of steel and aluminum with a light weight or wooden.This type of bed is popular for making use of for the ship’s cabins currently.This is the most basic furniture piece for a cruise ship, offshore platform and ferry boats now.Normaly it will come with an under-bed that is low.

What Pullman berth can do for You?

we can offer three kind materiales pullman beds,steel,aluminum,laminate.A variety of materials could with a different price and weight.The designer and the owner have a wide range of options to meet their specific needs.In addition, we can provide a customized color according to the design of your bedroom, so designers have a better selection of colors. We invite you to send us your ideas and drawings to us. We can create a 3D drawings for you, and by allows you to see what you will get prior to creating it.

So you can get a pullman with

  • Custom size
  • Custom color
  • Custom material(Steel,Aluminum,wood laminate)
  • Custom designs
pullman bed China factory

Where will you need one?

Whichever vessel you’re on there’s plenty of space in any cabin of an ocean cruise ship, ferry boat or your bedroom. In most cases, you’ll require two beds in the cabin for two people or one bed that is king-sized in a cabin. In addition, the passengers are able to put two beds in addition to the large beds as well.

In many situations, like that a family trip, they will in need of three beds, or a big bed, with two or three smaller beds. In this scenario, a pullman bed can be an ideal solution.It can be wall-mounted to the wall or celling, and will be easily foldable when you do not require it, and will free up space for the morning time.

Pullman beds are used in locations such as cruise ship,ferry boat,yacht,offshore platform warship,vessel and a variety of other locations.

What about Pullman beds price?

As the most basic furniture item in a cruise ship’s cabins, the pullman bed price is extremely important to the an cruise ships interior.At at the same time,, the safety of it is vital too.

From the owner of the ship to the company that handles interiors, all people are concerned about this price.

There are a variety of factors that influence the price, in the following manner


  As you may know, the material that includes wood laminate, stee, aluminium, and also have special needs that require the use of stanless steel.The price range from the low end to the high end is. Steel<Aluminum<Wood laminate<Stainlelss steel.

For the arms, fixing to the wall or celling, it will require a stronger material, then it is common to select stainless steel or steel to build it.


The size, whether small or large will affect the cost too.It is simple to understand that the larger size, the costs for materials will be more expensive, and the labor costs will be higher. In addition, if you order too many sizes on one order is also making costs high.It is better order a same size at one time.


As a marine furniture, the pullman bed will also required to conform to those of the maritime furniture standard.There various class societies across different counties, such as LR Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, GL Germanischer Lloyd’s Register, DNV Det Norske Veritas, ABS American Bureau of Shipping, CCS Domestic Bureau of Shipping, BV French Bureau of Shipping, NK Japanese Bureau of Shipping, KR Korean Bureau of Shipping, RINA Italian Bureau of Shipping.

It is will be have different certification for different ship owner,And the certification cost will not same too. But both of them are under IMO test standard.In most cases, there is no need for an individual certification for pullman.If there are any specific requirements require a certification to pullman beds, the cost is different.

4.Where to buy from?

Currently, There are some nations can prouce these pullman beds, such as Poland, finland, German, Korea, China.

May be still have various other regions produce them in small quantity.

Becaue of the labor expense, the price of cheapest is come from China now.

But Poland have actually produced these items many year compare with China.

SANYON began produce pullman bed more than 15 years yet. we are customized making different designs of these and also have many exprence for this area as well.

Welcome get in touch with us if you have an interest in learn about us!

How to install a Pullman bed?

  1. Establishing a solid structure inside of the wall. Ensure that the positions of the pullman bed arms are correct the pullman arm of the bed.
  2. In the process of drilling holes in the sturdy structure, and welding a bolt to each hole. It is best to go over 10mm.Please ensure that the holes are in line with the arms’ distances to the holes.
  3. Remove the cover panel for the arms, and attaching the arms to bolts, then tighten the nut.
  4. Covering the arms panel, then completing the pullman bed installation
  5. If you need to know the holes’positions of arms ,please down load our drawing or send a email to us : sales@marinefurnitures.com