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How to get a teak table top for boat?

custom teak table tops for boat,yacht and ship

Why use teak for table tops in boat and yacht?


Teak wood is firm and durable, which is one of the best materials for making luxury furniture, and is popular with high-end consumers. Teak has excellent texture and good weathering resistance. This can be seen in the ten years since teak entered the furniture field. During this period, teak furniture has maintained its brilliance as always. Many solid wood furniture will be weathered after being put away for a long time, which seems to lose its original beauty. Therefore, polish is needed to maintain the furniture. However, teak has become more colorful and beautiful because of the long time, This is because the bright golden color on the surface of teak is oxidized by photosynthesis, which becomes more and more beautiful over time.

The stability of teak is very good, and it still keeps no deformation, corrosion and cracking under various environments; This can be seen from many teak floors. The general hardwood floor will shrink greatly in winter after two years of installation, and expand and bulge in summer. When people step on the floor, it will make a creaking sound, while the teak floor will be very stable, and the gap changes are very small, almost no change.

Teak as a good wood material,many boat owner like use it making furnitures and tables top

How to order a teak table top from SANYON?

It is very simple to order a table top from SANYON.

Step 1: sending a email or whatsapp to SANYON,tell us you will be need a teak table tops

Step 2:Sanyon will be to check with you what’s size and shape you will be need?and the thickness etc.

Step 3:Sanyon offer a drawing to you ,you just need to check whether right,and whether need do some changes .If need to change the tops details,then we repeat step 3.If no need change any,we go to sign a contract ,and pay it.

Step 4: Sanyon will be offer the pictures for you when finished your tops.If every thing is right,Sanyon will send the top to you, or you arrange the pick up for goods.

If you have any questions,wecome send a email to us: sales@marinefurnitures.com or whatsapp too.

order a teak table top from SANYON is very easy,just contact freely

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