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Guide to Nautical Elegance: Wooden Marine Furniture Factory

The marine furniture industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, driven by the increasing demand for high-quality and durable furnishings in the maritime sector. Among the prominent players in this domain, SANYON, a leading manufacturer of wooden marine furniture, stands out for its commitment to excellence and innovation.  1. The Perfect Dining Experience: Transform your dining area into a maritime sanctuary with SANYON’s exquisite dining sets. Crafted with precision, these elegant tables and chairs offer both comfort and functionality. The timeless appeal of their design enhances any space, from coastal cottages to luxury yachts, providing an inviting atmosphere for memorable dining experiences. 2. Luxurious Lounging: Whether you are seeking relaxation on a deck or designing an opulent indoor space, SANYON’s lounge furniture collection offers a variety of stylish options. From sumptuous sofas to cozy armchairs, their range effortlessly combines comfort and sophistication. These pieces are thoughtfully designed to withstand the marine environment without compromising on style. 3. Captivating Cabinetry: The art of storage is taken to new heights with SANYON’s marine cabinetry solutions. Designed to maximize space while maintaining a sleek appearance, their cabinets and shelving units provide functionality without sacrificing elegance. From storing fine china to organizing maritime accessories, these expertly crafted pieces offer both practicality and visual appeal. Wooden Marine Furniture Factory: What Should You Know Industry Needs: A Growing Demand for Quality and Durability The marine furniture industry plays a vital role in meeting the unique requirements of vessels, offshore platforms, and yachts. In this challenging

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How to get a teak table top for boat?

Why use teak for table tops in boat and yacht? Teak wood is firm and durable, which is one of the best materials for making luxury furniture, and is popular with high-end consumers. Teak has excellent texture and good weathering resistance. This can be seen in the ten years since teak entered the furniture field. During this period, teak furniture has maintained its brilliance as always. Many solid wood furniture will be weathered after being put away for a long time, which seems to lose its original beauty. Therefore, polish is needed to maintain the furniture. However, teak has become more colorful and beautiful because of the long time, This is because the bright golden color on the surface of teak is oxidized by photosynthesis, which becomes more and more beautiful over time. The stability of teak is very good, and it still keeps no deformation, corrosion and cracking under various environments; This can be seen from many teak floors. The general hardwood floor will shrink greatly in winter after two years of installation, and expand and bulge in summer. When people step on the floor, it will make a creaking sound, while the teak floor will be very stable, and the gap changes are very small, almost no change. How to order a teak table top from SANYON? It is very simple to order a table top from SANYON. Step 1: sending a email or whatsapp to SANYON,tell us you will be need a teak table tops Step 2:Sanyon

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What furniture SANYON can make for you?

What furniture SANYON can make for you? SANYON can make kinds of marine furniture for you. SANYON is a professional manufacturer for marine furniture. We have been making kinds of marine furniture for many years. Our mainly product is making items according client’s request.Any metal,aluminum,laminate and honeycomb furniture,all them we can make for you. As you know,all marine field furnitures be custom making,You can send drawings or idea to us,we go to design it for you too. SANYON has own factory and design departments.We have full set furnitures machine,such as laser-cuting,powder coating line, CNC ,cuting,CNC folding etc. Because there is kinds of machine,we can make kinds of marine furniture according different project request. There is two kind of choose of metal material One is galvanized steel And another one is aluminum All of them is good quality material,and anti-rust.Then with powder coated surface finishing,make the product beautiful and good quality.Color is from RAL color sample,you can choose any one,and we make for you. If possible,you can send me the color sample,and we can make for you as well. In a word,SANYON can make any furniture according your request.If you have project need to quote,welcome to conatct us! Email:sales@marinefurnitures.com Contact:+86 13632787893 Click here for SANYON more infomation Facebook Youtube

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Can you send free marine furniture catalog?

Can you send a free marin furniture catalog? Certainly,plese click below link for marine furniture catalog: SANYON marine furniture catalog In fact,the catalog just is some marine furniture items,we have made to client before. We have been making kinds of furnitures for many years.Our mainly advantage product is custom made according client’s request. We are a professional factory to make marine furniture,any material:metal,aluminum and laminate marine furniture,we can make as well.If you have photos or drawing for products,we can make that as well. So don’t just see the catalog for marine furniture,if you have project need marine furniture,welcome to contact us Click here for SANYON more products Facebook Youtube

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What is pullman bed

Today we will discuss important knowledge points for you-what is pullman bed.This is a basic knowledge for you work on cruise ship interior design or offshore interior design.Here we will show you many details for the pullman bed made by SANYON.You will can what’s info you will need when you design a cabin room of cruise ship. What is pullman bed? The pullman bed is a popular cruise ship furniture for cruise ship cabin room.It is wall mounted on the cabin room wall.It is foldable and fix to the wall. What’s about the strctures of pullman bed? A pullman bed, also known as a wall bed, is a type of bed that can be folded up against a wall, allowing for easier storage and more floor space. Pullman beds are perfect for those looking to maximize their living space without sacrificing comfort, style, or practicality. This type of bed is most common in apartments and small homes, where space is usually limited. Pullman beds are typically made up of two parts: the frame and the mattress. The frame is usually made of metal, wood, or a combination of both. It is designed to be easily mounted to a wall, allowing for easy installation and removal. The mattress is usually a standard-sized mattress and is usually made of foam or spring coils. The pullman bed has been around since the late 19th century. It was first used by railway companies and was used to provide their employees with a comfortable sleeping

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How long will be need for the delivery oF order?

Our marine furnitures delivery will be need from 3-10 weeks according different material requests,and quantity different. For example,If you order steel marine furnitures about 2 containers,it is will be cost about 3 weeks. If 4 containers will be taking about 5 weeks for production. If You order aluminum marine furnitures for 2 containers,they will cost about 4 weeks at least. Because of the aluminum welding is very slow ,and the material also not stocked in factory.

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What is pullman bed

Today we will discuss important knowledge points for you-what is pullman bed.This is a basic knowledge for you work on cruise ship interior design or

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