What is pullman bed

Today we will discuss important knowledge points for you-what is pullman bed.This is a basic knowledge for you work on cruise ship interior design or offshore interior design.Here we will show you many details for the pullman bed made by SANYON.You will can what’s info you will need when you design a cabin room of cruise ship. What is pullman bed? The pullman bed is a popular cruise ship furniture for cruise ship cabin room.It is wall mounted on the cabin room wall.It is foldable and fix to the wall. What’s about the strctures of pullman bed? It is have about three parts, two arms,one bed board,and one guard bar. Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn

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How long will be need for the delivery oF order?

Our marine furnitures delivery will be need from 3-10 weeks according different material requests,and quantity different. For example,If you order steel marine furnitures about 2 containers,it is will be cost about 3 weeks. If 4 containers will be taking about 5 weeks for production. If You order aluminum marine furnitures for 2 containers,they will cost about 4 weeks at least. Because of the aluminum welding is very slow ,and the material also not stocked in factory.

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