The SANYON company in the business of making marine furnitures quality better and cheap, so that our customers can do better than their competitors. We can provide different products of marine furitures for many different countries.The SANYON have Metal & wooden furnitures factory be good at control the quality and cost ,We also have a chain for different refer marine furenitures we dont produce too.We also can offer a sourcing service for our customer when our customer need it.
Tommy peng
Founder of SANYON
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Customer First

We look at things through our customers’eyes. We work tirelessly to make doing business with us easy and intuitive every step of the way, every time.


Made To Last

We take pride in crafting  furnitures with quality and style that stands the test of time. That’s how we build relationships with those we serve.


Sourcing service

We provided sourcing service for our customer when our customers need we help then find out some furnitures they need in China.We have a suplier chain of furniture in China and good quality checking for our customers.

Quality control

After many years experence with world wide furniture company,we are have a good quality control systerm and cost control in different furnitures field.

The Good Quality
Furniture Supplier in China

We are supplier for some big furniture brands,though more than 15 years OEM&ODM experence for these furnitures companies,we have a good control for quality,and can offer including steel,stainless steel,aluminum, wooden,HPL,laminate material furnitures,and can provide furnitures in many different marine furnitures

Huge Selection

We can custom making different furniture which our meachine can produce.

Low Price &quality products

We are factory,have a good control at cost,so that our customer can get quality and cheap price products

Fast delivery

We have more than 20000+ factory,and can offer more than 20000pcs furnitures


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