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Custom marine furnitures for all over world
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Custom marine beds for cabin or guest rooms
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We can custom for differen furnitures for ships
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Resolve to Evolve. We’re all changing the way we Service and Production. SANYON has the marine furnitures to help you do it your way, every day.

Steel Marine Furniture

Marine steel furniture is a popular marine furnitures designs in the offshore and ship interior,The cost is lower than other marine furniture material

Wooden Marine Furniture

The wooden marine furniture normaly be used in cruise ship interior,it is more like a home furnitures,It is will let passengers feel like live in a hotel

Aluminum Marine Furniture

The Aluminum marine furniture is for light weight requests situation,such a vessel,yacht,the outlook similar like steel marine furniture,but light weight.

Honeycomb Marine Furniture

The honeycomb marine furniture is made of aluminum honeycomb,light weight,but the outlook like a wooden furniture,have a good outlook and light weight


The SANYON company in the business of making furnitures quality better and cheap, so that our customers can do better than their competitors. We can provide different products of marine furitures for many different countries.The SANYON have Metal & wooden furnitures factory be good at control the quality and cost ,We also have a chain for different refer marine furnitures we produce too.Welcome send email to us: 


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SANYON worked on marine furniture field more than 15 years yet,we have a lot of experience on custom marine furnitures in different materials,such as steel,wooden, aluminum , honeycombe etc.


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