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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier
Manufacturing Marine Furnitures Since 2007
SANYON offer quality Marine furnitures ,such as Beds,lockers,desks,wardrobe,cabinets,tables,chairs and other fittings for ship,boat,vessel,platform,offshore ferry with IMO/MED certifications
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wooden bunk bed for ship ,ferry boat,cruise ship furnitures
Marine Bed

The Sanyon Marine Bed is the perfect choice for your boat,ship,vessel, warship cabin room

marine desk and tables are for boat,ship,vessel,ferry boat,cruise ship furnitures
Marine desk and table

The Sanyon Marine desk and table match IMO/MED with many different material

marine furniture storage lockers custom design for ship vessel
Marine storage locker

The Sanyon storage locker offer custom size and designs match imo/med request

marine wardrobe for boat ship vessel
Marine wardrobe

The Sanyon Marine wardrobe match imo/med can use for boat ship vessel

marine upholstery custom making for boat,yacht,ship and vessel with IMO/MED
Other Fitting

The Sanyon offer other marine furnitures for customter projects,one stop solution

Resolve to Evolve. We’re all changing the way we Service and Production. SANYON has the marine furnitures to help you do it your way, every day.

Alfonso marina furniture

Steel Marine Furniture

The marine steel furniture is a popular and simple marine furnitures designs in the offshore and ship interior.What steel we used is galvanized steel,which is more anti-rust and lower cost than other marine furniture material.

SANYON Marine Bed

Wooden Marine Furniture

The wooden marine normally is for plywood and HPL surfae.The wooden marine furniture normaly be used in cruise ship interior,it is more like a home furnitures,It is will let passengers feel like live in a hotel.

a custom marine sofa is popular in ship interior

Aluminum Marine Furniture

The Aluminum marine furniture is for light weight requests situation,such a vessel,yacht,the outlook similar like steel marine furniture,but light weight.The aluminum marine furniture is higher cost than steel marine furniture

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Honeycomb Marine Furniture

The honeycomb marine furniture is made of aluminum honeycomb base and in HPL surface.it is light weight,but the outlook like a wooden furniture,have a good outlook and light weight.Also high cost as well!


The SANYON company has been making marine furniture since 2007.Having experience in marine furniture field more than 16 years.We are in the business of making furnitures quality better and cheap, so that our customers can do better than their competitors. We can provide different products of marine furitures for many different countries.The SANYON have Metal & wooden furnitures factory be good at control the quality and cost ,We also have a chain for different refer marine furnitures we produce too.Welcome send email to us:  sales@marinefurnitures.com 


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SANYON worked on marine furniture field more than 16 years yet,we have a lot of experience on custom marine furnitures in different materials,such as steel,wooden, aluminum , honeycombe etc.

Our mainly advantage product is custom made according client’s any request!




The downloads provided by SANYON MARINE are easy to install and use. The navigation applications come with detailed instructions that make them user-friendly and easy to understand. The weather apps provide users with real-time updates and alerts to stay informed of any potential hazards while out on the water. The marine maps and charts are also easy to use and provide users with detailed information about the waterways they are navigating.


Sanyon Marine is a shipbuilding and marine engineering company based in the United Kingdom. The company has been in operation since 1987 and specializes in designing and constructing commercial ships, ferries, and other marine crafts. Here are some of the FAQs related to Sanyon Marine: Q. What services does Sanyon Marine offer? A. Sanyon Marine specializes in commercial ships, ferries, and other marine craft design and construction. We also provide repair and maintenance services for our vessels. Q. What type of ships does Sanyon Marine build? A. We specialize in constructing passenger ferries, tugboats, cargo ships, research vessels, and offshore supply vessels.

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SANYON MARINE is a leading provider of video library services for the maritime industry. The company offers a comprehensive range of video libraries, including safety videos, training videos, promotional videos, and other media related to the maritime industry. The company's library covers all aspects of the maritime industry, from shipbuilding and marine operations to navigation, port management, cargo handling, and more.

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SANYON MARINE is a blog dedicated to all things related to marine furniture. It is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more about furniture designed for boats, yachts, and maritime vessels. The blog covers design trends, new materials, and maintenance tips. The blog also offers advice on choosing the best marine furniture.

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